Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Newsweek Online's Erroneous Piece

My response to Newsweek online's April 12, 2005 article on raw foods:

Dear web editors,

As a long-time raw foodist and the founder and editor of, an online magazine celebrating raw foods since March 2001, I'm glad to see you ran an article on the raw foods lifestyle.

I wanted to point out an error in your article. The writer says that Woody Harrelson came out with the 400-page book Living Cuisine a year ago. The book is actually by the raw chef Renee Underkoffler; Woody Harrelson merely wrote its foreword.

Also, your writer says that most people eat raw foods for health reasons. I would like to know where she found statistics on this. As someone who has been in the raw foods community since 1992, I know that while a decade ago many people tried raw foods at first for health reasons, over time more people are eating the food because it tastes great and because it makes them feel and look fabulous.

Your writer cites an M.D. and a nutritrionist as saying that it's ok to eat cooked food. Please explain to me why it is, then, that people who eat 100 percent raw foods don't ever get colds or sore throats.

Judy Pokras
Raw Foods News Magazine
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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

How to Avoid Food Cravings: one idea

The John Tesh newsletter suggests one way to steer your diet to a place you want it to be:

Outwit your stomach. Food is most enjoyable on an empty stomach. However, researchers at London’s University College found a possible craving killer: If you want chocolate, eat some twice a day for two weeks on a full stomach. Pretty soon, your brain will start thinking “I’m full” every time you want a chocolate bar.

If you try this method, let us know if it works!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cell phone radiation and big business: Buzz & Biz

The Cell Phone Industry: BIG TOBACCO 2.0?

We live in a man-made world (and I use the word man-made intentionally, as men have run more corporations than women have) and, unfortunately, the people running the corporations care a lot more about the bottom line--profits--than they do about products that support our health. (Consider the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, whose products are rife with toxins.)

So I'm not surprised that cell-phone industry moguls are denying the mounting evidence that cell phone radiation harms cell phone users.

What can we consumers do? I wouldn't want to go back to the days before I owned a cell phone. They're just damn convenient, especially for travel connections. There has to be some way companies can make safer cell phones. There is always a way.

A comedian once said: "The black boxes on airplanes are designed to be virtually indestructible. So why the hell can't they make the PLANES out of the same material?"

It all comes down to corporate profits and greed.

Monday, April 04, 2005

What's your favorite treat to eat?

FL David writes:

gosh, there's too much to list....

the trick is to find the food!

i love mid term coconut meat, especially blended with the water...

i love organic heirloom tomatos with basil and a touch of garlic and bariani olive oil...

i love greens just out of the ground...

i love wet dressings made with cukes, celery, peppers, some cayenne pepper, tomatoes etc just poured on a big green salad...

maybe sprinkle with some pumpkin seeks or pine nuts etc....

just could go on and on...

i love a ripe mango just off the tree, black sapote smoothies with coconut,

i love nut meat salads (like tuna or shrimp but use pureed nuts/seeds, even some truly raw nut butter if you can't puree the nuts yourself)...

take a look at bonobo's menu- i love all that...

i'm so happy with this food there is no end...

i have no no no cravings for what i used to eat and i don't want to eat fake food--raw made to taste like cooked;

again the trick is to find super fresh greens, vine ripe fruits, veggies...

fresh nuts and seeds etc etc etc etc

thankfully in fla we have the abundant fresh cocos all around us here...

the trick, again, is how to get them off the tree and be able to open them in your kitchen...

homestead has great fresh fruits and produce...

you'd have to research where you are to find the sources for the real food that you can celebrate in it's own right, without making it taste like anything else...

this is probably more than you want to hear.......... :)))

i'm passionate about it all...

and can't wait for my next feeding!!

today we have some just-off-the-tree blood oranges,

honey tangerines,


fresh no wax cukes,

a basket of just picked coconuts

and more!