Thursday, July 05, 2007

Car Sharing, An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

Decades ago, when I lived in NYC without a car, I thought: Wouldn't it be cool if cities owned lots of cars that they allowed residents to drive from point to point whenever they needed one?

I saw something on NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams tonight that made my dream come true! In many cities, private companies are providing car sharing service, which is fabulous for the environment and for people who don't have cars.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Resource Every Town Should Have

A South Florida musician and writer named Laura Sue (also known as the Silver Nightingale) posted the following letter to an e-group and I love what she says, so I'm posting her letter below. I think resources like the one she mentions ought to spring up in every town!

She writes:

I wanted to let you all know about a great new non-profit I just
discovered called Trash to Treasure. It's a Creative Re-Use Center, in
other words, they collect donations of a wide range of clean, re-usable
materials (called "clean scrap") which can be repurposed for artistic
and educational uses. Great place for artists, art teachers, families

All those things you feel guilty throwing out - the cardboard from pads
of paper, foam from the boxes computers come in, egg cartons, the
cardboard roll from paper towels and TP, plastic cups and straws from
Starbucks, fabric/wire/wood scraps, CD jewel cases and a whole host of
other things - can be used to make art projects with kids and such.
Businesses can donate stuff like out of date stationery, paper boxes,
etc. and cut down on their disposal costs. I just visited their
warehouse for the first time (conveniently located near I-95 and
Commercial Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale) and was really impressed by the
array of materials they have available. Re-use helps everyone by
cutting down on waste, trash disposal fees, demand for raw materials,
energy consumption and more.

I am so enthusiastic about Trash to Treasure I want the world to know
about them, and thought there would be some folks on this list who
would be interested in T2T, as writers and creative people are often
artists as well! For those of you who have not managed to go completely
paperless, they have shelves full of binders for all your wonderful
musings (and computer printouts)! Lots of other great stuff too!

I also thought some of you might like to write a story about T2T, or
even volunteer to help them with some press releases and PR.

I am joining T2T, and look forward to picking up some cool stuff there,
but honestly I'm more excited about having a place to donate a lot of
things I'd otherwise be throwing away or cluttering up my house with.
And you do not have to be a member to donate materials or money. Of
course members are also needed - Normally $60 a year but $45 now until
August 31 - members can visit 12 times a year and take as much as they
want. What a deal! : )

If you know any art teachers, please pass this info along!

If you want to get involved or get more info:

All the best,
Laura Sue

* Flute Fusion * from The Silver Nightingale