Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Cell phone radiation and big business: Buzz & Biz

The Cell Phone Industry: BIG TOBACCO 2.0?

We live in a man-made world (and I use the word man-made intentionally, as men have run more corporations than women have) and, unfortunately, the people running the corporations care a lot more about the bottom line--profits--than they do about products that support our health. (Consider the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry, whose products are rife with toxins.)

So I'm not surprised that cell-phone industry moguls are denying the mounting evidence that cell phone radiation harms cell phone users.

What can we consumers do? I wouldn't want to go back to the days before I owned a cell phone. They're just damn convenient, especially for travel connections. There has to be some way companies can make safer cell phones. There is always a way.

A comedian once said: "The black boxes on airplanes are designed to be virtually indestructible. So why the hell can't they make the PLANES out of the same material?"

It all comes down to corporate profits and greed.

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