Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Newsweek Online's Erroneous Piece

My response to Newsweek online's April 12, 2005 article on raw foods:

Dear web editors,

As a long-time raw foodist and the founder and editor of, an online magazine celebrating raw foods since March 2001, I'm glad to see you ran an article on the raw foods lifestyle.

I wanted to point out an error in your article. The writer says that Woody Harrelson came out with the 400-page book Living Cuisine a year ago. The book is actually by the raw chef Renee Underkoffler; Woody Harrelson merely wrote its foreword.

Also, your writer says that most people eat raw foods for health reasons. I would like to know where she found statistics on this. As someone who has been in the raw foods community since 1992, I know that while a decade ago many people tried raw foods at first for health reasons, over time more people are eating the food because it tastes great and because it makes them feel and look fabulous.

Your writer cites an M.D. and a nutritrionist as saying that it's ok to eat cooked food. Please explain to me why it is, then, that people who eat 100 percent raw foods don't ever get colds or sore throats.

Judy Pokras
Raw Foods News Magazine
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