Sunday, July 10, 2005

Deejay Dancing in Publix

Adam Sandler dancing in a supermarket in Punch Drunk Love

I grew up wanting life to be like a Broadway musical, with people spontaneously bursting into song & dance in the middle of their everyday lives. I can't say I've encountered that very often. But it happened today, Saturday! Right here in Sarasota.

In this hypohurricane weather, I went to Publix to buy some supplies. When I stepped through the automatic doors, right there in front of me was a teenage deejay spinning dance music. I could hardly believe it! I parked my shopping cart and began dancing. Right there inside Publix's entrance doors.

It was dinner time, and although there were other shoppers, I was the only one dancing. Once I hear compelling music I've just gotta dance. Middle-aged shoppers in the checkout area peered over at me, bemused. Teenage store clerks looked at me and smiled. When the music slowed down, I did some shopping, then came back to join a conga line of six employees and an eight-year-old girl. They were doing an intricate dance as the song instructed: "Slide to the left, jump back, spin around, cha cha." I'd never heard this one before, but it must be popular because the little girl knew the steps perfectly.

Turns out that the deejay booth--complete with a boombox with a built-in video camera and a black and white screen--is just a one-weekend promo. But I love the idea of dancing while buying salad greens and pineapple, any time. Why limit it to one weekend? When I got home, I sent a letter to Publix corporate, suggesting that a dedicated dance area become a permanent feature of the Lakewood Ranch Publix. Being the only supermarket in the country with dancing would get them tons of publicity. I can see it now, entertainment news and late night talk shows all talking about Publix. I like the year-round idea because it beats driving to Ibor City to go deejay dancing. I'll be going back to Publix Sunday to dance. Who knows--I might even become their first-ever salaried go-go dancer.

April 21, 2008:

I just discovered this awesome video of two guys dancing to disco in a supermarket!!! These guys are my soulmates!