Friday, June 03, 2005

ABC News Heralds Enzyme Study Results As Breakthrough of the Century

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ABC News Heralds Colorado Professor's Enzyme Study
As "Possibly the Breakthrough of the Century"

Tonight, Thursday, June 2, ABC-TV's Prime Time Live featured a story on groundbreaking research that shows that a pill containing a few herbs (among them turmeric and green tea) creates enzymes in the body that reduce people's oxidative stress to the level of a newborn baby, thus preventing chronic disease and lengthening the human lifespan by perhaps 50 percent.

Dr. Joe McCord, the University of Colorado at Denver biochemistry professor who did the research, told reporter John Quinones that oxidative stress is what happens in the body when people eat! (As we raw foodists know, it's what happens when people eat cooked foods, but they didn't go into detail about this on the show, probably because these scientists don't even consider that some people might eat raw foods.) The professor said that "eating" causes oxidative stress, in which free radicals in the body get out of hand and cause disease and aging.

The herbal pill (Protandim) restores the enzymes that our bodies stop making as we get older. The restored enzymes then kill the free radicals, those nasty things that cause chronic diseases and aging itself!

So, although they didn't make the connection, this big news is as good as ABC News saying that eating a raw foods diet prevents disease and aging!!!!!

Here's the ABC-News story

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RawLifestyle-Caroline said...

Interesting. Have you looked into that herbal pill? (for transitioning raw foodists, as I understand long term raw foodists wouldn't need it).