Monday, May 09, 2005

Sweet Potato Hummus--A Recipe to Adapt

Here at sketchgrrl (and at we love to look for interesting recipes to adapt to raw food cuisine. We read the following at My Adventures in the Breadbox about one unique recipe that we're looking forward to tackling:

I found the recipe for this sweet potato hummus on the MSNBC website. The recipe is from Debra Paquette, chef-owner of Restaurant Zola, in Nashville, Tennessee. I like how the article tabulates the cost of making this appetizer for yourself at home. According to the article, it costs $3.63 to make it yourself, whereas it would cost you $6.50 to go order it at Zola. Hmm, I didn't keep my grocery receipt...I wonder how much I spent.
The taste of this unusual hummus is absolutely incredible. The toasted and crushed cumin seeds and orange zest really give it a complex, deep, rustic flavor. Lemon juice brightens it up, cayenne pepper gives it a good zing, and the tahini adds the subtle essence of traditional hummus. I omitted the olive oil when I made this, but I'm sure it would taste even slightly richer if you would choose to use it. This is definitely something I will make again and again. Next time, I think I'll add some chipotle pepper as well...hmm, and I wonder what would happen if I also added some chickpeas...maybe it would be even more hummus-ey?...there's only one way to find out!

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